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The digital world is as rich in unpredictable situations as the world we live in. You may not even suspect many of them, because technologies do not stand still, and are constantly evolving. Like any technical device, an Internet site is a mechanism in which problems can occur, including for reasons completely independent of the developer. For these needs, and there is technical support and maintenance of websites, when urgent medical assistance is required, or consultation, when something is not clear. In addition, you yourself, after a certain time, will probably want to change something, or add it to your site.
What is included in technical support in New Zealand?

  • • CMS Consultation
  • • registration of domain-linked mail
  • • set the visitor counter
  • • unlimited number of hits if the site does not work at all or does not work correctly
  • • change fonts (size, type, color)
  • • change heading style (size, type, color)
  • • rename menu sections made with text
  • • text style consultations
  • • site recovery (in case the site is on our hosting)
  • • minor adjustments in site structure
  • • Add links to social networks
  • • change of contacts in the header and in the footer
  • • domain consultations. Setting up forwarding from one domain to another
  • • site transfer from one hosting to another
  • • add items to sidebars and site menus
  • • replacement of fav icons
  • • advice about importing a csv file

When do you need support and site maintenance? Examples of situations:
  • • 1. You have a desire to change / upgrade your website. After some time using the site, you decided to remake it (add new elements, change the color / size of the headers, etc.).
  • • 2. You need to restore the site structure. For any reason, you have violated the structure of the site: when you click on a particular menu or directory item, the system issues a “Page not found”, “Access error” message, or individual elements are incorrectly displayed. The causes of this problem, as well as ways to solve it, can be many.
  • • 3. You have problems filling the site. You managed to bring the main part of the content to the site, but it didn’t work to add individual elements or correctly configure their display.
  • • 4. You decide to change the hosting company

The launch of the website is a solution beneficial for the business and image of the company, but this is only the first stage on the way to successful business. Investments invested in the Internet resource paid off, and the website became a source of stable profits, it is necessary to update it in a timely manner, and regularly develop it. At the same time, the update needs not only content, but also design and software modules. Each project needs care and technical support and can not be limited only to the creation of the website. Most often it is inadequate to appoint a person responsible for the website of the manager or administrator of the company. Experience shows that they are not able to fulfill their obligations and do not have the necessary knowledge to work with content, and even more so with the website itself. Hiring one's own employees specializing in website maintenance can be quite a costly decision. Besides, if an employee is not competent enough, this can adversely affect the development of the website and the entire business as a whole. Technical support of the website and support is an important component of the business development process in the network, which includes a set of actions aimed at servicing all the needs of the web project:

  • - Control the stability of your website
  • - Timely update of the website
  • - Professional and complex website maintenance
  • - The conclusion of the project to a new level

Website maintenance, graphical support and updates

Technical support of the website in New Zealand includes monitoring the stability of the functioning of the website, ensuring its protection from viruses. break-ins and long-term failures. Connecting new modules, adding new functional sections to the website. website support allows you to respond in a timely manner to changes in search algorithms, make the necessary changes to improve the indexing of a web project, which keeps good visibility of the website in popular search engines. In addition to working with the software part of the website, an important point is the complex of services for filling the website with quality graphic content and styling the overall design of the website, or even a complete redesign of the project at the request of the client. In order for the website to be "live" it is necessary to constantly update the content on it. Such websites are loved by both visitors and search engines. The website regularly supplied with fresh information will be much more attractive than a static project. Writing new articles, publishing photos, video materials, new entries - all this is included in the website maintenance. Blogging on behalf of the company also applies to this type of service. Therefore, it is simply necessary to constantly update and supplement the existing content on the website, otherwise there may be an impression that the project is frozen and nobody is doing it.

I have been engaged in web design and development for many years, including websites support and maintenance in New Zealand.

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