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Creation of custom web design in New Zealand is needed for each business, because website is your communication channel, and website design is its face. The task of any site is to ensure the contact of the company with the client, to make sure that the person is not lost in the information noise on your site, but solved his problem. That is why site design should be created wisely. The choice of site design depends on what kind of business you have, what you want to convey to your potential customers. For example,

  • 1. When you sell comfort, convenience, safety and stability, it is better to give preference to a design where brevity and simplicity prevail.
  • 2. When you sell joy, lifestyle, you need an exclusive, unique design, individual fonts.
  • 3. When you want your customers to have the feeling that you are providing top-class services, the design should be exclusive, unique, expensive.
  • 4.If your audience is massive, you need to stop at a simple, somewhat primitive design, so that they don't get the impression that you are selling goods that are inaccessible to them because of the price

Design for which site do you need?

Business card site - a site from a small number of pages. The main pages: home, about the company, services (goods), contact information. It is created only for the sake of creating the effect of the company's presence on the Internet.
Corporate site - a site with a large number of pages. Visitors of your resource will be able to find out everything about the company, about services, products, latest news. The purpose of the site is a comprehensive presentation of the company on the Internet, sales organization, customer feedback, increasing consumer confidence.
Promo Site is created for an effective online advertising campaign. It allows you to present a new product or service.
Site Directory is a great solution for those companies that do not need a full-fledged online store, but need a tool to effectively inform customers and partners about the products and services they provide. The structure, functionality of such a site depends on the product range or the number of services provided.
Online Store is a resource where much attention is paid to usability and functionality, proper processing of orders from the site, ease of its administration (adding products, descriptions, reviews), holding promotions and organizing sales.
Website with adaptive layout (it is also possible to create a mobile version of the website) is a website that will be correctly displayed on the screens of mobile devices (smartphones, tablets). As a rule, the mobile version of sites is developed for the following screen resolutions of devices: 320 * 180, 640 * 480, 800 * 600. When ordering a website with responsive layout, your website will be correctly displayed on any devices.

Creating a custom website design

Quality website design is not only a nice picture. The design should ensure the functionality of the site, make it memorable and easy to view. It should adhere to certain requirements when it is necessary to develop a site design:

  • • the design must be unique for each site;
  • • develop a site design with the right information on the page;
  • • pages should be moderately loaded so that users with low Internet speed can freely access the site;
  • • the color scheme of the site should be chosen so that there is no sharp contrast and a feeling of irritation;
  • • development of corporate identity for the site, which is determined by the direction of the company, to emphasize its image;
  • • all wishes of the client regarding the design and structure of the site are taken into account;

How much is the site design? There is no exact price, the cost of website design depends on the type of site, on the complexity of its functionality and many other factors.

Website design - in the narrow sense of the word, this is the visual design of web pages that visitors see on your site. When developing any Internet project an important role is given to the appearance. And in order for the user to show interest in your site and stay on it as long as possible, you need to create a design oriented to a certain audience for which this resource is designed.

The quality and convenience of design is a priority. The visitors of the site are your potential customers, it is in appearance that they will form the initial impression of the company, so quality web design is the basis of success. As a result, you can expect increased calls from customers, which will lead to increased sales of products or increased demand for services. I have been engaged in website design and development for many years in New Zealand.

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