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Beget Hosting company

Beget is one of the best hosting providers of runet, which specializes in hosting and server hosting services on its own resources, providing also a number of additional services: domain registration, ssl sales and so on. The main advantages are: quality, reliability and favorable prices.
We cooperate since 2009.

Interkassa payment processing system

"Interkassa" is a universal system for automating the process of selling goods and services on the network. The connection mechanism is simplified as much as possible, and the many available payment methods enable sites, online stores and other trading platforms to expand their customer base.
We cooperate since 2010

Good business partner is the key to success

Throughout his conscious life a person communicates with other people: colleagues, friends, relatives, a person constantly builds relationships - this is the basis of society. The essence of man in the construction of relationships and not only personal, but also business, especially since it is much easier and more profitable to conduct business together. At the heart of business partnership is always mutual understanding and as a result mutual benefit. A good business partner can become a guarantee of prosperity and growth for any company. Advertising and promotion are not the only methods in the search for clients, it happens that by finding a person or an organization with similar interests, one can increase the efficiency of your business several times, when you have a reliable business partner you will get a new source for marketing your products or services. But attracting new business partners is not always limited to a client-oriented direction, you have the opportunity to expand common services, or to establish stable supplies of raw materials, products or services previously inaccessible to your company. This is especially true for small and medium-sized businesses, rapidly developing and requiring constant investment and investment, and not only in large cities like London or New-York, but in other regions, such as Sydney, Kiev, Berlin and others.

How to become a partner? Profitable business proposal

Anyone who works in the field of Internet technologies and online commerce can become an official partner of the «AVIJO» project. To date, among the main partners can be identified LLC "Beget" and Interkassa company, with whom we have been cooperating for a long time, thanks to the timely made favorable business proposal. Joint activity positively affects the success of all participants, contributes to growth and profit increase. The use of different, complementary skills positively affects the productivity of the work, can lead to a significant increase. If you are wondering "how to become a partner", "how to find a business partner" means you are interested in expanding your activity, then you have much to grow and the main thing is there is a desire to grow. After all, a joint business with a new partner opens up new opportunities for you. Just contact me and we will happily discuss your offer, all important points, such as profit sharing, division of responsibilities, areas of activity and other nuances.

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