Custom websites in Installments in New Zealand - just pay per month

Do you want to create a website with custom design, but do not have enough money and do not have a credit card? It's not a problem! Take advantage of the affordable offer "Website in Installments in New Zealand with pay per month plan" - this is the best investment for your business. Monthly installments are option, like personal loan but without fees (up to 6 months plan). Customers simply order a website with a variable down payment and agree to monthly installment payments. This offer is available for all.

To order the website in installments, you do not need to immediately post a large amount of money. It is enough to make 30% start payment, and you will get new professionally-designed and developed website that will work for you today, but you do not need to pay for hosting and support for all the time in installment.

You can pay the remaining amount for 3, 6 , or even 12 months.
Terms of payment in New Zealand:
- the budget for the Website development from $300
- 30% start payment
- for the period of installments, the customer website is hosted on AVIJO-servers for free

Instalment interest:
- 3 months - 0%
- 6 months - 0%
- 12 months - 15% (for large projects with a budget of $1000)

Example of calculating the cost of a website in installments in New Zealand:
- $700 for 6 months
- Start payment: $210
- Monthly payment: $81 for 6 months

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