Server rental

Blade E3: $150 per month

CPU — 4 cores / RAM — 32Gb / SSD — 2 * 480Gb / LAN — 40Mb/sec

The perfect choice for those who need more than the virtual web hosting. A processor with the frequency of up to 3900 Mhz and SSD drives will guarantee extreme perfomance for your websites.

Turbo: $1300 per month

CPU — 14 cores / RAM — 128Gb / SSD — 4 * 240Gb / LAN — 100Mb/sec

A heavy duty server with 28 logical processor cores on a frequency of up to 3.6 Hz and 128Gb primary storage for projects that just need more power.

Dedicated Server rental

Meet the dedicated server rental based on Supermicro solutions and the last generation of Intel processors, which will ensure a high efficiency and stable work of practically any large project.

All dedicated servers are put together for each client and we are ready to build a server system of any capacity for you and for your projects to function quickly and successfully. We can suggest unusual solutions.

With Beget administration you get:

  • A control panel
  • 24x7 technical support
  • A DNS system
  • A mail system with web interface
  • Timely server software updates
  • Required software installation
  • Around-the-clock server monitoring

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