Landing Page development

Landing page is a one-page website, the main objective of which is the effectiveness of the advertising company, the maximum conversion by communicating to the potential customer the most important information about the product or service, the advantages a particular company.

Landing Page should cause the visitor's desire to perform one targeted action - make a call, make a purchase, go to the main website, etc. What kind of action - depends on your tasks. Landing Page was invented in the US by Internet marketers. At one point, they realized that competition in the market is growing, online shopping and sites are getting better, and the client is finding it harder to understand than one company is better than another. It was this task and should have been carried out by Landing Pages.

How to measure the effectiveness of Landing Page?
There is only one objective indicator for measuring the effectiveness of the created Landing Page. It's about conversion. Conversion is the main criterion for evaluating a single-page site, although for the full picture you should take into account the percentage of failure, the average time on the page, the click-through card and so on. At the same time, the level of conversion can vary greatly depending on the niche, on competitiveness, regionality and other factors. There are no average values.

I have been engaged in web design and development for many years, including landing Page development.

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